Posti 3D Renderings
Posti is the national mail carrier of Finland delivering almost 12 million items letters, magazines, newspapers and direct mail per day. In January 2015, Itella changed its corporate name to Posti Group Corporation and the retail operation began using a new identity designed by Helsinki-based N2 Nolla.
At Troll VFX my task was to model, render and retouch three 3D logo placements for Posti's official promotional imagery that was widely seen in finnish media back in early 2015. Logo design and photography were provided by N2 agency and remained untouched during the 3D process.
Client: Posti Group Oyj
Agency: N2
Post-production: Troll VFX
CGI: Erkko Huhtamäki
Posti brandfilm showcasing the new design. See the 3D signs in action starting at 1:50.
Posti retail sign with a CG logo (ITELLA OYJ / N2 NOLLA)
Finished 3d model in Maya viewport
Photoshop process in action. Original photo remained
untouched during the post-production phase.
Logo rendered with matching depth of field (ITELLA OYJ / N2 NOLLA)
Posti official site at (photo by N2 NOLLA)
3D logo in evening light. This is the last third photo provided by the agency (ITELLA OYJ / N2 NOLLA)
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